We’ve found our distribution home with Video Project, and we’ve also teamed up for an exciting impact campaign!

This campaign will unfold over coming months in partnership with schools, governments, organizations and businesses. Together we will undertake a three-pronged strategy that will:
1. activate individuals to change practices and talk to others about plastic pollution
2. reduce business & institutional consumption of plastic straws and related items (cups, utensils, styrofoam)
3. encourage and support policies that ban unnecessary single use plastics

As with any major social change effort, it’s going to take a lot of elbow grease, outreach and skilled people to make it a success! We are asking our supporters to help make a sea of change, one straw at a time. We are very grateful for funding contributions (see below) to help ensure the success of the campaign.

contributions to the impact campaign are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! 

Tax deductible contributions for the STRAWS Impact Campaign can be made through our fiscal sponsor, The Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows via PayPal or credit card. If you'd prefer to donate by check, please send to:

Steve Michelson, Executive Director

The Fund for Sustainable Tomorrow's/Straws Project

2800 Lobitos Creek Rd.

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Please indicate your contribution is for “STRAWS IMPACT CAMPAIGN” on your check and on envelope.

Questions? Please contact our campaign’s Impact Producer, Jennifer Ektrom, at jennifer(at)


PRODUCER Level Supportors / PRODUCER: Andrea Arria-Devoe; ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Michael Maguire, Fred and LaTeace Cuellar Four Triad Productions, Leon L Rhyne, Phil Booker,, David Rhodes

Tote-ally Awesome Smoothie Operator & Straw Daddy Supporters: $500: Fred Royal / $250: Kevin w McNeely, Elizabeth Morgan, Nancy Earl, Susan Johnson, Dennis Rodewyk / $150: Rukhsana, jane driscoll, Muriel Williman, Carolyn Targosz, Colleen Regan, Cynthia D. Davis 

You Deserve Some Credit $100: Barbara Roettger, Max Machum, Fauna Tomlinson, Lynn Weller, Molly Matlock, Jim Ries, Jennifer Hwei-Chung The Jen-Segelke Family, Archibald Heptinstall, Carol Kennedy, Virginia Krieger, NeuWorld Plastics, Rini Saha, The Rini Family, Karen Fuller, Josh Woll, Gwen Agler

Straws Sustainers $50: l Beaudreau, Sandy Simpson, Janette Lynch, Amy Wheeler, Tim Roberts, Paul Finkel, Matt Malloy, tracy langley, Mark Barroso, Jane Van Remoortere, Inga Kennedy, Sandra Benton, Peter Jasion

Turtle Lovers $25: Mia Duquet, Debra Leow, Blythe Miller, Angie, Gwen Jennison, Tamara, Michael Kuehnert, Rebecca Cerese, Christi Hughes, Breadfoot, Nancy Metcalf, Dionne Ybarra, Jeaneane Williams , Deborah Albert, Ariel Rogers, Emily O'Barr, Kari Cassellius, Heide J. Paddock Fraley, LaVonne Whelchel, Matthew, Jennifer White, Lisa Rider, Laura Smith, Laura Bowly, Steve D., Vicki Dabrowka